Friday, September 26, 2008


Furry Friday 008: S-l-u-u-u-u-r-p!

We're back for the Furry Friday fun this week!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Furry Friday #007: Queen Max

I'd like to think Max makes attempts to talk to me through a lot of ways - grunting, sneezing, winking, or tapping my knees. It amuses me so much that I sometimes find myself talking to her in return. I hope my neighbors won't see this as a sign that I am slowly losing my sanity *lol*.

queen max

Max is just over two years old and so full of life. She takes her morning and evening walks regularly with Rob and I taking turns to walk her. She rarely goes out of the house to play with other dogs so she's a bit unsettled whenever there are other dogs around. But whenever she's out, she does socialize. But there are other dogs around that are nasty and gang up on her and that's when Rob picks her up and carries her around - and how she loves it! With her nose up in the air, she acts as if she's the queen.

hounded by paparazzi
And, she hates the paparazzi!