Friday, July 18, 2008

Sticky Post: Furry Friday - The Beginning

My husband and I love to babble about our pet Keeshond, Max. We have stories of her in our other blogs accompanied by her photos. We, my husband and I, both decided that along with the creation of her own blog, we also created a photo meme dedicated to all animals out there - furry or no furry, with or without tails. We call it Furry Friday and it starts today.

The rules: There aren't really any rules to go by, except that:

- you post a photo of your choice of animal (they can be your pet/s) every Friday
- it can be any kind of photo - fun, crazy, etc., but please, no photos depicting violence, abuse or pornography
- the photos must be taken by you or any member of your family
- you may also include a story to accompany your photo
- leave a comment here so others can visit you
- and lastly, you may grab the Furry Friday logo and display it in your blog to link back to this site

That's all we ask, folks. The idea behind this photo meme is to show off our furry friends and have fun! So come join us here.


Nina said...

The M&M's ( will be happy to join Furry Friday!

The Mommy loves your blog.