Sunday, January 30, 2011


Pet pride 011: support



Finally, we are back online again.
We got so busy at the end of the year, thus, the lack of posts in our Dogspot.

Before the new year rolled in, we had a major house cleaning. My mum is quite supertitious about welcoming the new year with a clean house. So we were dusting and mopping every corner and nook of the house, fixed broken lights, and so on… you get the picture.  Since my dad and mum don’t speak the Khmer language well, they took a photo of the broken ceiling lights and  brought it to the shop to tell the sellers what we wanted. But anyhow, my dad climbed up a high ladder and asked mum to support it. Of course, I am a helpful dog so I went to help as well… my dad took a photo of us, to his amusement.


Mum loved me even more when she saw me standing on my hind legs and with my front legs and paws stretched up to support her. She gave me extra treats that day :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


from our humble dogspot to yours…

Max and Joe would like to send their wishes to you, dear furry friends… 






Thank you for being with us in 2010.

May 2011 be our best year ever!