Sunday, November 27, 2011


Pet Pride 034: Shadow play



The weather is nice this morning - the sky is blue, the sun's out, but not too hot, and, there's a gentle breeze. Feels like summer, my favourite time of the year. I enjoy my morning walks in this kind of weather :)

My shadow - super cool!
I don't like it that much when it is the rainy season. I like splashing in the puddles and walking in the rain. But when the water goes up in our neighbourhood and leaves wet pavements and muddy sections in some parts, that's when I get uneasy. I do not mind getting wet and muddy but my mum gets upset when she sees our (Max and mine) muddy prints on the floor :(

How about you, what is your favourite time of the year?

Friday, November 18, 2011


Pet Pride 033: Joe, aka, Negro Bandido



Mum's feeling nostalgic today and look what she found from digging through her digital picture albums  -

Me at about 2months. Isn't it embarrassing to see your puppy photos? *cringe*
No matter how much I begged her to not post it today but she went on her merry way, anyway. Humans...*arf*

She told me that they - mum and dad - used to call me negro bandido (the black bandit) because of that black mask-like fur covering my face, except the eyes. Their Spanish visitors thought so, too. Do you think I really looked like a black  bandit?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Cute bouncing puppy

This short video clip made me smile:

Cuteness overload! The baby and the puppy are just too cute for words, lol. In the beginning I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, the over-excited dog just wants to have her ball back... What do you think?

Joe says he can jump higher than that... especially when he is very excited to see his dad coming home from work! He added he is willing to teach the puppy how to make it or how to successfully jump on the bed on a first try, lol.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Pet Pride 032: Dogspector McJoe on duty



This is Joe's day job. Nothing comes in without him inspecting it first.
Two paws up. Everything A-OK and approved by Dogspector McJoe.
I came home from the Post Office with this box of goodies that I bought online. It was filled with shopping purchases from an online shopping site. Joe immediately went to work, sniffing the box for a few minutes. Only after Dogspector McJoe was satisfied and gave his pawprint of approval was I able to open the box! Good job, Joe!

By the way, Dogspector McJoe insisted I pixelise his face for security purposes, lol.