Saturday, September 4, 2010


Pet Pride and Camera Critters 010: D'oh!!!!!

Camera Critters

Me: Oh nooooo... Jooooooooooeeeee!

Joe: I didn't do it.... Nobody saw me do it!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Pet Pride and Camera Critters 009: Side view

Camera Critters

Max: Mum, can you take a picture of my profile?

Me: Sure, Maxie.

Max: Errrm, mum....

Me: Yes, Maxie. Don't you like it?

Max: I want a close up, mum, for the Pet Pride and Camera Critters meme.

Me: Oh dear me! Yes, of course, sweetie...

Me: How's that, Maxie?

Max: Uhmm, that's more like it, mum. But didn't you just crop it?

Me: Errrmmmm....

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Pet Pride and Camera Critters 008: Dog-tired

Camera Critters

Poor Joe, after spending hours playing (with his) football and tennis (ball), he just crashed. Didn't want to wake him up for a photo shoot...

Sleep tight, Joe. Dream sweet dreams.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Pet Pride and Camera Critters 007

Camera Critters

Max came to me one day and complained why Joe is hogging the blogspot these days. Max, I explained to her, it is because you turn away when I take your photo. Joe is not camera-shy, you know. He loves the camera so I love taking his photos. And you... you walk away... that's why.

Okay, mum, Max told me. I'll sit here and pose for you. Make sure you get my best profile.

Sure, dear. Here you go...

And that explains why  Max has her portrait here today.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Pet Pride and Camera Critters 005

Camera Critters

Welcome to this week's edition of Pet Pride and Camera Critters.

Today we are going to share with you one of Joe's secrets in increasing his flexibilty by doing Joe-ga stretch... it is simply Joe's version of a yoga stretch.

Okay, furry friends, roll out your mats out or what-have-yous and let's do the Joe-ga....

Lie down on one side ... put your hands in front of you, and, with your flexed toes .....

.... s - t - r - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - e - t -c -h!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Wordless Wednesday 026: Mmmmm... Ice-cream!

*Robo-Max's eyes lit*

Mmmmm... Have ice cream... Will eat... over and out...

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Pet Pride 004 and Camera Critters

Okay, this the Mum speaking. Sorry we are late for this week's photo meme, folks. You see, I was looking for Max and Joe for a long time wondering where they've gone. The house was quiet and they weren't in their usual corners. Exasperated, I opened the door, inhaled the fresh air but still thinking about the  cause of the strange silence inside the house. I turned to my right, and voila - there they were, in the hallowed spot where the right to occupy it is always a contest between the two.

Are they sharing or jostling?

It is so unlike them to be quiet in one spot together.

I think both wants to go out.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Wordless Wednesday 025: Locked out

Handed down a two hour detention out in the veranda for chewing my shoes...

... but only after five minutes or so into detention...

Ken we come in nao, pleeeze, Mum?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A Repost: Remembering Moe

While I am enjoying a lazy Sunday today, I came across old pictures of our pet dogs. One particular picture brought back a sad memory.

You see, after Max and before Lily and Joe... there was Moe.

In 2007, we acquired a lovely mutt and we named her Moe. As you all know, there are no proper pet stores here in Phnom Penh and the only places we know were, errrm, shady. But still, against our better judgment, we went ahead and bought from one of these shady pet sellers anyway. 

Moe was a cute fur-ball with ears almost as big as her face. She was a very small puppy she occupied half of my fisherman's hat. Before taking her home, we went to the vet's clinic first so she'd be given all the necessary shots.

Upon reaching our house, we immediately gave her a thorough wash -- gaah, how she smelled -- and  took off fleas from her coat. She was given a helluva shampooing and rinsing, and after a good toweling, she was ready to be shown off to then a younger Max.

When Max saw her, her maternal instincts instantly kicked in. Max fussed over Moe and she wouldn't let her get out of her sight. My husband and I love our dogs to bits and we made for ourselves a little family, with Max, the motherly dog, and Moe, the fuzzy, little one. 

Due to an in-born abnormality in her intestines, Moe died just two months after we got her... just long enough for us, especially me, to be attached to her. Although she was in great pain, she was very quiet and loved sleeping in/on my arms. When we brought her to the vet, the prognosis wasn't good and, although we opted for a surgery, we were already told of her chances of surviving. She was too young for such an operation. She died at the clinic, just hours after surgery. It hurt me so bad it felt like being heartbroken. I could not bring myself to write about her and her untimely demise back then, so we just bought a tree we call Moe tree in her memory. The tree bears fragrant white flowers and it gives us great delight as we remember her time with us.  We miss you, Moe.

May this post serve as a warning to others who are looking to buy pets. Don't buy from the pet shops you see on the road, but if you do, take them immediately to a vet for a general check up and for necessary vaccinations. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Pet Pride 003 and Camera Critters

We are on our third week here at Pet Pride and we're also joining Camera Critters for the first time today!

Last night we all had a night out - the dogs had fun!
Today, Joe isn't feeling well he is nursing a hang over (tee-hee-hee) while Max is in her usual "princess-y" self.

No pictures, puh-lease!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Pet Pride 002

So Max is grumpy these days... she's in heat. Can I say that? hihihi. Anyways, the husband had to get Joe occupied, otherwise, he'll be constantly hounding Max. Here they are, Joe sampling on the husband's hand.

Joe: Yummmmmmm! Dees ees bettah dan my usual treats, Dad!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


We are backkk. Agen.

After a century, I finally relented to Max and Joe's urgings to update their blog. 
Max is now four years old and becoming grumpier day by day, while Joe will turn one in August and he's so full of energy my husband and I couldn't keep up with him. 

I found this cool site for pets called Pet Pride and decided to enter Max and Joe. Upon their request, I am posting this photo as our first entry to Pet Pride. This was taken last year, after our trip to the vet's clinic for Max and Joe's booster shots:

Look who has the longer tongue between the two!

Max is a half-breed Keeshond while Joe is a certified mongrel. They're sat at the backseat of the car waiting to be let out. On the way to the clinic, Max was quiet and contented with looking out the window, while Joe was the restless one, moving from one side to the other, barking at whatever new things he saw along the way. Yes, they do fight for the best seat in the car as well.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Wordless Wednesday 024: Playtime!

Eyyy, dat is me ball! Gimme back me ball!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Wordless Wednesday 023: Walking in the light

Me: Who wants to go for a walk?!?!?!?

Max and Joe: Did you just say "WALK"???!????