Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Repost: Remembering Moe

While I am enjoying a lazy Sunday today, I came across old pictures of our pet dogs. One particular picture brought back a sad memory.

You see, after Max and before Lily and Joe... there was Moe.

In 2007, we acquired a lovely mutt and we named her Moe. As you all know, there are no proper pet stores here in Phnom Penh and the only places we know were, errrm, shady. But still, against our better judgment, we went ahead and bought from one of these shady pet sellers anyway. 

Moe was a cute fur-ball with ears almost as big as her face. She was a very small puppy she occupied half of my fisherman's hat. Before taking her home, we went to the vet's clinic first so she'd be given all the necessary shots.

Upon reaching our house, we immediately gave her a thorough wash -- gaah, how she smelled -- and  took off fleas from her coat. She was given a helluva shampooing and rinsing, and after a good toweling, she was ready to be shown off to then a younger Max.

When Max saw her, her maternal instincts instantly kicked in. Max fussed over Moe and she wouldn't let her get out of her sight. My husband and I love our dogs to bits and we made for ourselves a little family, with Max, the motherly dog, and Moe, the fuzzy, little one. 

Due to an in-born abnormality in her intestines, Moe died just two months after we got her... just long enough for us, especially me, to be attached to her. Although she was in great pain, she was very quiet and loved sleeping in/on my arms. When we brought her to the vet, the prognosis wasn't good and, although we opted for a surgery, we were already told of her chances of surviving. She was too young for such an operation. She died at the clinic, just hours after surgery. It hurt me so bad it felt like being heartbroken. I could not bring myself to write about her and her untimely demise back then, so we just bought a tree we call Moe tree in her memory. The tree bears fragrant white flowers and it gives us great delight as we remember her time with us.  We miss you, Moe.

May this post serve as a warning to others who are looking to buy pets. Don't buy from the pet shops you see on the road, but if you do, take them immediately to a vet for a general check up and for necessary vaccinations.