Friday, February 24, 2012


Pet Pride 035: My mum and I



Heya, pals. What's up? This is JOE, your homey!! We're back again.
We took a long holiday. It was fun alright but we surely missed the fun here at Pet Pride and Camera Critters. From now on, you'll find us here again every week.

Mum and I, "sky-watching" from a different perspective.

Every morning, my mum, Max and I would see dad off to work from the veranda of our apartment. Then we would go to the other side and stay there for long because she chats with her roses. Or watch the passing traffic before she goes about her chores. From time to time she takes pictures of anything that catches her eye. Today is one of those days.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Large dog beds for large dogs

Dogs of all sizes and shapes require extra bit of our time and attention when it comes to purchasing their necessities. From their food to toys, to vitamins and what-have-yous, no two dogs are alike. One of the most important things dog-owners strive to do is to make sure their pets are feel loved, cared and comfortable in their homes. Speaking of comfort, When it comes to comfort, dog-owners want only the best dog beds for their pets.

The importance of dog beds have been questioned over and over through the years. Some people equate dog beds to luxury, rather than necessity. Dog beds are important because any dog will feel more  comfortable and secure in his own bed. Also, providing dogs their own bed is like giving his dog his own home or space he can call his own and identify with. So when buying dog beds, make sure you get the one with optimum size, for large dog beds for large dogs for example, to give your dog as much comfort as possible.

Quality should always be the top priority when purchasing especially a large dog bed. It can be tough finding one because one has to take into consideration the material, i.e., is  the material durable or does it wear very easily, is it machine-washable; and design, I.e, is it comfortable, does it give the needed support, etc.; but there are plenty of choices available and it is not impossible to find the one that suits your dogs requirements. Having all these in mind is important. After all, dogs are like us, people, they, too,  need to have a nice place of their own to rest after a day of activities.