Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Many Dogs Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

Have you ever wondered what pets do when there is no one else in the house? Here's one:

Golden Retriever:The sun is shining, the day is young, we have our whole lives ahead of us and you're inside worrying about a light bulb?

Border Collie:
Just one!?! And I'll replace any wiring that's not up to code!

I can't even reach the stupid lamp!

Toy Poodle:
I'll just blow in the border collie's ear and he'll do it! By the time he's finished rewiring my house, my nails will be dry!

Go ahead. Make me!

Puh-leese dah-ling, let the servants.......

Oh me, me, pleeeeeeeze let me change the light bulb! Can I? Can I? Huh? Huh? Can I?

Irish Setter:

Let the border Collie do it. You can feed me while he's busy.

Cocker Spaniel:
Why change it? I can still pee on the carpet in the dark.

Doberman Pinscher:
While it's dark, I'm going to sleep on the couch.

Who cares? I can still play with my squeaky toys in the dark......

Jack Russell Terrier:
I'll just pop it in while I'm bouncing off the walls and furniture

Irish Wolfhound:
Can somebody else do it? I've got his hangover....

Mastiff's are NOT afraid of the dark.

Basset Hound:

Yo quiero taco bulb.

I see it, there it is, it's right there...

It isn't moving. Who cares?

Australian Shepherd:
Put all the light bulbs in a little circle.

Old English Sheepdog:
Light bulb? LIGHT BULB? That thing I just ate was a light bulb?

German Shepherd:
Alright, everyone stop where you are! Who busted the light? I SAID, "STOP WHERE YOU ARE!!!"

Hound Dog:

Pets do not change light bulbs. People change light bulbs. So the question is: How long will it be before I can expect light?

(Author Unknown)


Quite good, isn't it? You can get more pet dog jokes and stories at Carl's Rott'N Pages.

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Tony said...

Hey I love this one about the dogs & the cheeky cat. we are in the process of getting a poodle puppy, our las one died of an ilness at 10 years old & we miss her so much. Poodles are so special. Our new puppy is only 5 weeks old & still with the breeder for anotrher 3 or 4 weeks till we can get her.