Sunday, October 5, 2008

Plastic surgery for dogs?

We were away for a long time doing things and we sort of negleted Max's site. Now that we're back, I'd like to continue posting items about dogs. I was searching the net today for some cool dog stuffs when I stumbled upon this piece of news from my regular source of weird dog news and it's about dog face-lift. Apparently, a Brazilian pet plastic surgeon recommends a face-lift for a dog or even a mammary lift for sagging dugs after having babies. Now, is that weird or what?

A face-lift for a dog? Brazilian vet does it all
'Good symmetry is very important'


SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Is Fido in need of a face-lift?

Go see Edgado Brito, who is advancing the practice of pet plastic surgery in a land with a worldwide reputation for making people beautiful by any means.

Brazilians have long been known for their penchant for cosmetic surgery, and Brito has been adapting those techniques for use on animals.

"Plastic surgery is good for dogs!" said Brito, 45, a Doberman breeder who has worked as a veterinarian for 20 years.

He can make protruding ears droop and uses Metacril to straighten bent ears. He uses Botox to fix inverted eyelashes. He has even tightened the mammillae of a couple of female dogs, whose owners wanted to show them after they had given birth.

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