Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pet Pride 020: ZOMBIE-DOGS!




Here’s a photo of these terrible two, wonder what made them look zombie-like?




No more happy dog chews from now on!


Ishtar said...

Adorable! The red dog looks part ridgeback, could it be?

Powell River Books said...

Brains, brains, we want brains. Just kidding. - Margy

eileeninmd said...

Awww, they are both so cute. they do not looks so terrible, you must be kidding.

Kay L. Davies said...

Cameras do dreadful things to dogs' eyes, don't they? I try to photograph our dog from different angles to avoid that scary look.
Your two are adorable.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Jidhu Jose said...

nice shot

Open Garage Door said...

Having two is fun! They are both so cute. :) We have two, also.

magiceye said...

heya guys! whats up? someone scared you?!!

Woof woof
from Bozo
Pets forever

Karen and Gerard said...

They are both cute. Don't think they particularly like the camera though.

Stopping by from Pet Pride.

Sylvia K said...

Hope they don't cut out your treats, guys!! And I hope you have a fun day!!

Sam Schnauzer

Dave said...

The dreaded animal version of red eye. Sometimes like here though it does make for some very humorous images. Dave at photoviews