Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pet Pride 040: Getting ready for the Fur-lympics 2012



Yo, yo, homies. Wee're back! Joe eez speaking. Mum pwameezed a comeback post but eet haz bin three months since. I meez mah homies at Pet Pride and Camera Critters, eezpecially Bozo, ma bezt buddy!

 Hope you steell come and find me heer, ma freendz. We eez kool togetha eevery Sateerday.

 I heerd someone named Rafael Nadal, eez a famous sportsman from Spain, decided to pull out of dee Olympics. I eez thought maybe I can haz heez place. After all, I eez Ra-fur-el Nadal, mum told me :) So I and Dad eez training hard theeze days.

I eez Ra-fur-el Nadal, and I eez love tennis (balls). I eez getting ready for the Fur-lympics next month.
Dad sez I eez need to paw-cus on da ball. But Uncle Jake eez taking my peekchur so I eez look at da camera. Look, Mum! All paws off the ground. Zee how effortless I eez make dat look ;) Dad, ken I haz new tennis balls, nao?


magiceye said...

Heya am sure you will get all the gold medals home budddy!!

Woof woof
from Bozo
Pets forever

maneesh said...

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Kay L. Davies said...

If there's an Olympic medal for all-feet-off-the-ground, you are sure to win.
Lindy says, "Woof, catch that ball!"

Kay, Alberta, Canada