Thursday, October 11, 2012

Doggie language - what your dog is trying to tell you

Max and Joe's mum here.

The three of us were spending quiet time at home while dad is away at work. We were browsing through our favourite page on Facebook, Life withDogs, and something caught my attention. The doggies thought it's a good poster and suggested I post it here, for educational purposes, for dog-owners like me.

This is a really fun poster! Although my dogs are not Boston terriers but dogs are dogs and their language is universal. I can say that Max and Joe are doing a lot of stuff that I see on the poster above.

Now, it is sooooooooo nice to know that both Max and Joe have been saying "Hello. I Love You!" to me and my husband every morning we wake up. We get that every day! Awwwwww, my heart just melted. Yes, doggies, we love you both, too!

Guess who's the lovebug who loves a lot of butt-scratching from us, eh? Who else but Joe? Max has recently learned to do it as well!


N.B.  The above poster is an artwork by a flicker user named lili.chin. You can find it here and in her Facebook Page called Doggie Drawings (click the link).


DeanneL said...

This has been very helpful for me. I am a first time dog owner and this post has helped me see what my dog is trying to share.